Wealthy Woman Spotlight: Jean Brownhill Lauer


There are not too many women who are willing to bust down the door when it’s bolted shut. There are not too many women who are willing to push-start their Mom’s car, when it would not start. There are not too many women who would use their own money as a kid to buy their family a new couch. Well, there are not too many women like Jean Brownhill Lauer.

Jean grew up in the 80’s in Connecticut, amidst the crack era. However, she knew at an early age that her environment was not HER reality. Early on, she had a love for homes & design that led her from simple home improvement projects as a kid, to a multi-million-dollar home-renovation matching service company, Sweeten.

What’s sweet about Jean’s story is not only was she a black woman that ‘made it out,” but all of the ass-kicking with class she did along the way. She did what she had to do to succeed while also learning invaluable skills. Entrepreneurship is not about having a passion in one thing and working hard on just that one thing until you launch it into a successful business. It is the work that you do beforehand that sets the foundation for your success.

Jean was not playing about her paper.

She was a:

Business Card Developer


Ice Cream Server

Snow Plower



Global Architecture for Coach

It wasn’t until a fateful day where Corporate America reared its ugly head that Jean decided to give that job a hair flip. As a SENIOR manager at Coach, she discovered that a male manager counterparts was was making 40,000 more than her!


After she quit, Sweeten did not just blossom into the amazing multi-million dollar company it is today. She came up with the idea in 2008, failed with the first iteration and launched it again in 2011. In just a few years, Jean and her team have built Sweeten’s platform to feature over $300 million in home projects.

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