Wall Street Diva: The Power of Suzanne Shank





She makes Wall Street look F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S. Far from the usual frump, you see leading the charges between Broadway and South Street. Don’t get me wrong, all Women don’t have to be glamazons but let’s just say that Wall Street could use some refreshers. Like a MissCFO, Suzanne Shanks shows that a Woman can be feminine and a leader at the same time. Let’s dig into this Wall Street Diva, Ms. Suzanne Shank!

Ms. Shank is one of the most successful Black women on Wall Street and leading women in finance. Yes the Wall Street that hails as the financial mecca of the world. African-Americans have not always been represented well on Wall Street, but Suzanne Shank, the CEO of Siebert Financial Corporation is making up for that!


Who is Suzanne Shank?

Long before Ms. Shank was underwriting trillions in financing, she was just Suzanne from Savannah, Georgia. suzanne shankThe classic All-American girl; cheerleader, homecoming queen and editor of the school newspaper. She grew up grounded, being raised by two hard working parents, Mary & Roger Gordon Shank. She is thankful for her parents who instilled values in her that have attributed to her being not only a powerhouse in her career, but a wife and a mom too.




Her mother was an educator and her dad was the first black bus driver in Georgia.

On my birth certificate, for my dad’s occupation they put ‘Negro laborer.’

– Suzanne Shank


Suzanne went on to attend Georgia Tech where she majored in Civil Engineering and earned her MBA in Finance from the esteemed Wharton School of Business.

While she knew that education and talent are extremely important to attaining success, nothing can replace persistence and determination.

That is how she was able to go from small town girl to CEO powerhouse. She didn’t allow anyone to just give her anything. She received her first job in in finance by knocking on doors, bidding for a position. One of her super powers was to always focus on her strengths and to hire top talent to work for her. Additionally, once she became the CEO of Siebert Brandford Shank & Co. she focused on minimizing costs & streamlining each segment of the business.

To date, Suzanne has participated in over $2 TRILLION in bond transactions! Can you say COINS! This almost three decade Wall Street powerhouse continues to pave the wave for other women in finance.

suzanne shank

(Source: Siebert Brandford Shank)

I do wish I would have asked for more money . . . Millennials have it right when it comes to telling people what they want.

– Suzanne Shank

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