The Toni Braxton Biopic: Personal Finance Lessons in the Right Key


Finally Saturday night has come and I can dig into this Toni Braxton biopic, Unbreak My Heart! I have my wine, my favorite cozy blanket and my kids quieted down, even though the 7-year old conned me into playing chess with him as it started. I watched, presently surprised that the movie was not the usual LifeTime biopic terribleness like those of the past. I felt for Toni as she experienced her bankruptcy. Then I was shocked as ANOTHER bankruptcy unfolded! ‘Hold on now Toni, this is getting out of hand!’ Unfortunately for Toni Braxton, she learned her personal finance lessons the hard way, but you still have time to get it right! Here are three personal finance lessons you need to know from the Toni Braxton biopic. 

“The cost of being a diva ain’t cheap.” – Babyface

1)  Monitor the Cash-flow

Do you want to know the secret that keeps people broke?! . . .


If you do not learn anything else from this article, please remember that cash-flow is king. If you ask the average person, exactly how much income they earn, what is the average income for their position (if they have a job), where it comes from and who is responsible for giving it to to them you would get a lot of . . .


Unfortunately, we (yes we Women) spend too much time only looking at the amount coming into our checking account, instead of understanding the entire cash-flow cycle. In the Toni Braxton biopic, Toni did not know she had a cash-flow issue until she was millions in debt. She subscribed to the hope plan of finances and how many of you know that you cannot hope your way to financial freedom.


2) Utilize Financial Professionals 

Financial planner, financial advisor, accountant, broker . . . these people are here to help you. I understand that these people may make you nervous, but there are a plethora of great financial professionals out there. When you join the MissCFO community, you will be connected to reputable financial professionals. Financial professionals exist to help you accomplish your financial goals. If you are a busy working professional, entrepreneur or entertainer such as Toni Braxton, you do not have time to understand how the entire financial system works and keep up with all of the constant changes. Therefore, you need a financial advisor on staff to help you properly manage your finances.


3) Splurge Within Reason

Ladies, feel free to spend your coins however you like! With that being said, there are some good and bad practices when it comes to money management. One of the bad practices that relates to Women is splurging on unnecessary items. In one scene of the Toni Braxton biopic, Toni was in court and she was asked about her Gucci silverware. There is also a notable interview by Oprah where Oprah referred to Toni’s extravagant spending on Gucci silverware.

If you are wealthy, I mean actual wealth where a major financial disaster can happen and you will still have money leftover, then extravagant purchases such as Gucci silverware and Birkin bags are not reckless. However, if you have “new money” a term used back in the day to describe those who were newly rich and did not come from generational wealth, then it is best to get your financial house in order before you start spending all of your money on splurges.


Overall, the Toni Braxton biopic was good. It could have been better, but my expectations were surpassed. As always, anytime I can pick up personal finance nuggets to share with you in the MissCFO community is a plus.


MissCFO Takeaway: It costs to be the boss, but if you are prepared you can reap profitable returns. 

MissCFO Discussion: Did you watch the Toni Braxton biopic? If so what are your thoughts? Could you have survived a two-time bankruptcy?

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