The 10 Songs Every Ambitious Girl Needs in Her Playlist to Go From Broke to Balling


It seems like every time you turn on the radio it’s “rthskhsihofhsofih$$?!!” or “molly molly, drugs” and you can’t forget “I hate you/smack a booty” or if you are more a of talk radio kind of gal, “. . . in other news another bombing occurred.

With this noise constantly flowing in your head, how can you not feel depressed or absolutely mad?!

In order to stay motivated, it’s best to create your own radio. We encourage great podcasts and motivational audios like “Think & Grow Rich” but sometime you just need to vibe out to good music that will put you in the mood of where you want to be. You know that white linen dress, hair blowing in the win, sipping Pinot on a yacht, in Miami type of vibe.

Here is our Ambitious Girl’s Broke to Balling Playlist. 

Love it. Rock out to it. Share it with your ambitious girlfriends.


What are some of your favorite motivational tunes?


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