Saving Money: How to Make It Feel Good


Temperature’s rising . . . heart’s racing . . . palms are sweaty . . .

You step closer, inches away from your destination . . .

You are next in line . . .

There is no turning back now . . . you start to shake as you hear:


WAIT?! Are you waiting for death or to deposit money?

Does saving money feel like a death trap to you?

Saving money should not be a scary task. Saving money is one of the starter steps in your financial freedom plan. In order to become financially free, you have the build the muscle and habit of not spending all of your money. One of the biggest reasons of why people who earn a lot are always broke or living paycheck to paycheck is because they have a habit of SPENDING.

Every time you deposit money into the bank or your investment account, you should feel good, because you are increasing the abundance in your life. Unfortunately for many, saving money that feels good is non-existent.

If you are one of those people, then check out the video below to find easy ways to earn money and how to make it feel good.


One way that we make saving feel good is with Trim. It helps us to save money without doing any heavy lifting, check it out today!


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    Chantelle Washington, MBA January 20, 2016 at 2:53 am

    Another great post! Money for Me, YES! I love the tips about saving on something everyday and moving it into your account.

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