Rich Baby Dad, Poor Baby Dad


My adaptation on Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad.     

 If you’ve never read Rich Dad, Poor Dad, then I’m going to need you to get your entire financial life and grab that book. You can do so by clicking the image of the book to the right. Rich Dad, Poor Dad is one of those legendary financial books that you’ll often hear people say:

“After I read Rich Dad, Poor Dad . . .”

“It wasn’t until I read Rich Dad, Poor Dad, that my life completely changed . . . “

“Rich Dad, Poor Dad made me realize . . . “

So you see how life changing it is. I’m going to share my adaptation of this book in hopes that you:

  1. Get some lessons that you can take away and apply to your life.
  2. Get a better understanding on how finances affect everything that we do.
  3. Buy and READ the book.

I will break this down into a 4 – 5 part series, because it’s a lot of jewels and poo that’s been dropped on me over the past 12 years. So let’s get to it, shall we . . .


I have two kids and they each have a different dad. One I like to call my Rich Baby Dad and one my Poor Baby Dad. When I say rich and poor, I don’t mean money in the bank, I mean mindset. It’s been quite a ride witnessing these two men with humble beginnings go through their journey. There’s been some surprising, laughable, disappointing and WTF moments!

So let’s take it back. . .

I was 19 years old, he was a little older and he was gorgeous . . .  a real smooth operator. He had a bachelor’s degree and was working on his Masters, which he would ultimately get 5 years later. He was working in retail at the time, but had aspirations to work with children. He also dabbled in modeling, although I don’t know if he ever received a check from it, but he damn sure took a lot of photos. It took about 6 months into “dating” to realize that he had some real cash-flow problems. When I say cash-flow problems, I mean run-out-of-gas-on-the-side-of-the-road-more-than-once type of cash-flow problems. Meet my Poor Baby Dad.

Fast forward years later, another Smooth Operator entered the picture (can we say I have a type). He had a smile that lit up a room and energy that would set your soul on fire. We met at a business seminar. He had a bachelor’s degree that he got later in adult life, after dropping out of college the first time. He was a serial entrepreneur, not balling, but enough to afford his bachelor lifestyle. Meet my Rich Baby Dad.

When I met both of them, neither one of them were well off. One would continue to struggle financially. The other would go on to build a successful career in business. Both of them were very charismatic and influential in their own way. Both were older than me and loved to give “advice;” some I could use and some I’d be a fool if I used. They both believed strongly in education, but for different reasons.

Having two baby daddies gave me two great perspectives on money, one of a rich man and one of a poor man. I often wonder what my point of view would be like if I only had one of their perspectives. More importantly, how my children would be affected, as their financial education starts at home. Now, I’m not telling you to go out and get two baby dads to get two different perspectives. It would be just your luck that you would get two poor baby dads!

There’s time when it’s too much to deal with their different mindsets and I just want to snatch my kids up and run!

Then I think, If I didn’t have to deal with this bs, you wouldn’t have this entertaining story that you’re about to read, mixed in with some good financial lessons. So for you Sis, I’ll take some bad to build more good. As long as we are getting you closer to financial freedom, then it’s worth it! Let me take you on a glimpse into my personal life. May you get some financial nuggets and more insight on the importance of the mindset of the men that you date. ESPECIALLY, if these men are supposed to be influencing your children.

Like, if I told you how obsessed my daughter is with the lottery, you would think they were sending her a monthly check. Her Dad, treats the lottery like it’s a long-term investment :{. If only there was a DateFax where you could run a check on a man before you agree to entertain him (sigh); I’ll continue to dream.

Let’s get into it shall we . . .

Stay tuned for part 2 next week!

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