Le Sigh: My Wallet is OVER Valentine’s Day


Where do I start . . .

Teddy bears buried at the bottom of toy boxes . . .

Melted chocolate still stuck in my back seat . . .

Random kid’s valentine’s cards from Valentine’s Day past still in my closet

A heart tie my man NEVER wears . . .

Silk boxers I stole from him . . .

All in the name of buying Valentine’s Day gifts!

Well this year, I am over this type of unnecessary spending!

Here at MissCFO, we aren’t Frugalistas. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with the frugal way of life, we just follow a different belief which you can find out more about here. While we aren’t “frugal,” us MissCFOs do spend thoughtfully. So this Valentine’s Day, I thoughtfully planned to spend very little!

Normally, I find cute Valentine’s Day themed outfits for myself and the kids, get them gifts, gifts for their Valentine’s parties, gifts for my man & of course something for myself. If I had to add up all the funds that I have spent on random Valentine’s Day gifts over the years, I could have invested that money or paid off some debt. For Valentine’s Day 2017, I plan to do exactly that! This year, I set lofty goals for my business and finances. A lot of my extra play money has been re-allocated towards funding my dreams. Today Cupid will have to wait! When you are financially free, everyday can be Valentine’s Day. I’m all for the special day of love and romance, but it doesn’t have to be shown by opening up my wallet all of the time.

On this Valentine’s Day, I showered my babies with verbal expressions of love. Helped my older kid, make a Valentine’s cookie cake for his class and will give my honey a heartfelt gift when he gets home later (although he didn’t even realize that it was Valentine’s Day).

I do miss some of the fun prep I usually do for the day. My money mindset is strong enough to understand that when you are serious about getting somewhere, you have to make sacrifices. Besides, as I explained to my son, Valentine’s Day is not a real holiday. For those of you who are reading this now and are stressing because you still haven’t gotten Valentine’s Day gifts, don’t. Just use your words and actions to show your loved ones how much you care. Your wallet will thank you later. For those of you who must absolutely give something, give a gift that will truly mean something.

MissCFO Takeaway: If you can’t spend your funds in a way that makes your heart smile, then don’t spend them at all!

MissCFO Discussion: Chime in, how do you feel about Valentine’s Day gifts? Do you buy theme gifts for the day or gifts that are practical?

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