Finance on Wheels: Marsha Barnes and The Finance Bar


Chic, great ambiance and it’s the best bar in town, oh but they don’t serve drinks here, they serve the keys to financial success. Inspired by the food truck businesses in Charlotte, NC, Marsha Barnes took $3,500 and purchased a 1988 school bus and invested $20,000 in renovations to offer an innovative solution to providing financial consulting.


Inspired by her parent’s frugal lifestyle and a career in finance, Marsha Barnes believes financial literacy and giving hope to any person willing to change their financial situation shouldn’t be an unobtainable goal. From personal budgeting to repairing credit, Ms. Barnes literally meets you where you are. With workstations, comfortable seating, bright and inviting colors, she makes the difficult topics of financial freedom very comfortable to discuss.  She provides sessions as low as $30 and no more than $55. The Finance Bar sets up shop at local libraries and at various events around North Carolina.


The Finance Bar also provides digital one on one consultations, membership options and group and corporate services. It’s the first mobile personal finance hub on wheels.


To learn more about Marsha Barnes and The Finance Bar, visit

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    Deandre Zaccagnini March 13, 2016 at 9:12 pm

    “I would love to offer resources to our local school system where the component of teaching personal finance is often missed.”

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    Latriecia Brown March 14, 2016 at 12:45 pm

    And Deandre you should definitely follow through with your goal. Our children need formal education inclusive of financial literacy!

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