Episode 9: How Roxane Romulus Gets Her Cash Flow Up With Drone Photography


In episode 9 of Get Your Cash Flow Up, we sit down with Roxane Romulus, CEO of DreamView Drone Productions. Roxane shares how a love and passion without experience can still develop into a prosperous career.

Roxane moved to Atlanta, GA in 2006 to see what opportunities the south had to offer. Twelve years and zero regrets later, she’s embarking on her latest adventure – taking over the world of Drones. Along with her husband, a seasoned FAA and FCC certified drone Pilot, they formed DreamView Drone Productions in 2018.

Roxane now dedicates her time to creating educational and career opportunities for minorities in the booming drone industry. A resident of the new City of South Fulton, GA, she lives in the heart of aviation. She’s working daily to develop strategic partnerships with local aviation supporters in her own backyard including the Women in Aviation, the City of South Fulton and the Aviation Community Cultural Center to help spread the word about careers in aviation.

DreamView Drone Productions is Georgia’s premier provider of Aerial photos and videos for professional and commercial use.

Modern technology and professional aerial tactics have combined to bring about the perfect opportunity for savvy businesses and business owners to take advantage of aerial photos and videos.

Ever thought about a career in aviation or know someone who does, then make sure that you listen in and share this with your network.

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Let your dreams take flight”

– Roxane Romulus 

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