Episode 7: How Sasha Sweder Gets Her Cash Flow Up With Perfectly Posh


In episode 7 of get Your Cash Flow Up, we sit down with Sasha Sweder, Platinum Premier with Perfectly Posh. Sasha explains how a random evening out on the military base turned into a new career.

Perfectly Posh is U.S. based MLM (network marketing) company that provides naturally-based pampering products. Perfectly Posh was founded in 2011 with the focus that women DESERVED to be pampered.

Sasha saw an opportunity, jumped all and is now a leader within Perfectly Posh. Her caring, bubbly attitude and no-fail spirit led her to transition from “figuring out her career” to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Tune in and find out how you can get your cash flow up with Perfectly Posh.

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“I’ll open up an audio book, someone has to have the answer. . . It’s not as though I’m the only one who has built a business . . . someone has had the exact same obstacles and I can find that answer on my phone, in a book . . . “

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