Episode 5: Why Aren’t More Women Financially Free?


In this episode of Get Your Cash Flow Up, The MissCFO Team discuss why more women aren’t financially free. The Team has narrowed it down to 3 main issues:

1) Drama
2) Distractions
3) The D 😉

What do you say? What has kept you from not hitting your financial goals? There are sooo many things that are vying for your attention and it is easy to get caught up in all kinds of things that will take you off focus. You have to talk about these things? Why? The more that you address your issues, the more that you can deal with them.

So drop down in the comments and share what has been keeping you from financial freedom and share with your girlfriends! This is a share-worthy topic!

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Instead of running behind Bobby and checking in Bobby’s phone and creeping up on Bobby, because don’t act like y’all ain’t never followed a man before . . . I think about what I could have done with ALL of that time “

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