Episode 4: How Aftan Williams Got Her Cash Flow Up With Royalist Management


This episode of Get Your Cash Flow Up features Aftan Williams, a female entrepreneuHER hailing from New Orleans, Louisiana. Her belief that we are all born royalty, and are therefore responsible to uphold that legacy, has earned her the widely-known endearment of “Queen Aftan”.

In this episode, “Queen Aftan” shares how she pairs her standard of excellence with her natural gift of organization to serve her clients as the CEO of her company, Royalist Management.

Royalist Management is a company that maintains the personal, private, and business endeavors of individuals and entities through organizational and administrative execution. The services provided by Royalist Management are not to be confused with that of a personal assistant. Rendered services highlight the management needed to achieve constant excellence. Additionally, each client is (of course) deemed royalty and thus treated accordingly.

“Queen Aftan” is a delightful southern belle, with a design that is creative, and she has achieved many accomplishments during her tenure as a full-time entrepreneur. Tune in and find out how you can use your gifts to identify ways to get your cash flow up!

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It is important not to read other people’s books, while you are creating your story.”

– Queen Aftan

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