Episode 11: How Marci Millsap Gets Her Cash Flow Up With Crowned Queen Hair


In episode 11 of Get Your Cash Flow Up, we sit down with Marci Millsap, CEO of Crowned Queen Hair & Smart Boss Workshop. She jumps on the podcast to share how she manages life as a full-time Mom, wife and running three businesses, whoo can we say beast mode!

Marci is a powerhouse with a major heart. She has always loved fashion and hair, and whenever, she is not in uniform, she is always dressed to impressed. In 2012, Marci decided to turn the love she has for hair into a business and started Crowned Queen Hair. Marci’s success showed and proved, even earning a W at the Bronner Brothers Hair Show. She proved she could do anything she put her mind to.

In 2014, Marci accomplished another one of her goals, and opened Crowned Queen Beauty Suite in her home town, Kansas City. In the last year, Marci has helped many women start and re-brand businesses. This initiative led her to start The Queens University. Marci’s goal is to continue to grow and inspire more young women to build successful businesses. Part of the The Queens University programs is Slumber With Queens and is currently on tour all over the US.

Marci’s desire to inspire other entrepreneurs to share information to continue to grow generations as she continue to be an example to all women, that if you work hard, stay consistent and believe, anything is possible!

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“I could never understand why I wasn’t getting to the next level because I was still holding onto things and I wasn’t letting things go. I wasn’t forgiving a lot of people . . . “

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