Episode 10: How Brit Marshmann Gets Her Cash Flow Up as a Multi-Preneur


In episode 10 of Get Your Cash Flow Up, we sit down with Brit Marshman, CEO of Brit Marsh and Co. Brands. She jumps on the podcast to share how she manages life as a full-time Mom, wife and running three businesses, whoo can we say beast mode!

The Brit Marsh and Co. Brands includes:
  •  The hit podcast show The Bad and Bougie Moms
  • The Socially Plain Jayne Jewelry Collection
  • B’ Totally Organized LLC
In The Bad and Bougie Moms podcast. Brit speaks highlights phenomenal millennial moms and their journey through motherhood, relationships, lifestyle and more. The Socially Plain Jayne Jewelry Collection is a sourced collection for women who love a minimal look. B’Totally Organized is a luxury style organizing company for the everyday family and business owner.
Brit’s fearless attitude and unorthodox work ethic leads her to stand out from the rest. As a mother of 5, (including 2 bonus kids) she promotes lifestyle wellness for mothers and educates individuals on the importance of organization and time management when it comes to maintaining a stress-free lifestyle .
Brit is a true believer that just because you become a mother doesn’t mean you cannot achieve your dreams.

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“Hard work and dedication are the ingredients for true success!”

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