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Creating Generational Wealth With Dr. Boyce Watkins


There’s two things we tend to think about a lot in adulthood, there’s money and sex, everyday we think about one of those two things or both of them several times a day . . . it’s ironic that these are the two things that most families never discuss in the household.


Dr. Boyce Watkins, one of the world’s leading financial scholars and social commentators, stopped by Hot 107.9 here in the ATL to drop some knowledge on financial empowerment and generational wealth. He breaks down creating generational wealth, investing and financial empowerment. He’s written several books and has been featured on numerous media outlets such as MSNBC, Essence, USA Today, The Today Show, ESPN and so many more so needless to say, he might know what he’s talking about!

Wealth building is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. You run as fast as you can, hand the baton off to your kids and make sure they are in a better position than you were.


This interview was everything! Dr. Boyce dropped gems! This isn’t your “Dave Ramsey pay off debt and save type of info!” This is the real deal, big girl type of conversation about how to get started creating generational wealth, maintaining it and growing it. There are so many quotables in this video that I can share quotes everyday for the rest of the year. I suggest grabbing a pen and paper and get busy with some notes. If you are serious about financial freedom, then you will understand the importance of really taking the information seriously. Bookmark and use it to start a plan of action.


MissCFO Takeaway: “If y’all do not listen to exactly what he just said and follow him step by step, you’se the DAMN FOOL! 

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