Back to School Season: Get Organized & Save Coins With These Tips


Image via Cel Lisboa
The time has finally found us again . . . long lists of school supplies to buy, waiting in line to buy the sneakers your son MUST HAVE for the first day of school, dragging kids out of bed at 6am . . . that’s right it’s Back to School Season!

School season has started in my household and of course came the ususal, frantic “let’s get everything done quickly” I told myself that this year as we go into my son’s last year of elementary school (a bittersweet moment), I am going to be much more prepared. With the school season comes so much, more time commitments, more work and more money!

I want to share this great article from Business Insider, “Simply getting more organized saved me over $1,000 a month.” She shared 9 great tips that will give any Mom a great headstart on the new school season.

  1. Cut Unused Subscriptions
  2. Sign Up for Rewards Programs
  3. Buy in Bulk
  4. Download Money-Savings Apps & Browser Extensions
  5. Make a Splurge Budget
  6. Use Credit Cards for Big Purchases
  7. Do a Weekend Purge
  8. Make an Appointment with an Accountant
  9. Retool Your Investment Strategy


Check out all of the details at Business Insider.



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