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MissCFO is a community dedicated to Women who want to master their finances and build their net worth. We bring the vast world of finance into a simplified safe haven where Women can be educated and empowered to lead their lives into financial freedom.

We’re bringing dynamic financial experts, money enthusiasts, leading womenpreneurs, the latest financial tools and sprinkling it with a little sass to deliver a simplified path to financial freedom.

As women, we wear so many hats and we need ONE place we where we can learn how to master our money, get the latest investing tips, cheer about how we just scored new business clients and connect with other Women doing the same.

More importantly, we take the generic-one-size-fits-all model to finance out and provide Women with a personalized approach that takes the guesswork out of building wealth. Don’t miss out on this! We’re building the platform now, join our waiting list so you can get a spot while they last!

MissCFO operates under these values:

Add Value to Every Relationship

MissCFO aims to make a significant impact on every person that it touches. We are focused on leaving a lasting impression through customer service.

Give Richly, Live Fully

MissCFO is centered around living a full life. One that empowers women to not only be leaders in their home but to be powerful forces in their careers and communities. MissCFO believes in the whole woman.

Embrace Simplicities

We recognize that we live in an overly complex world where sometimes you just want the simple things in life. MissCFO is committed to making the complexities of the financial world as easy as 123.

Model LeadHERship

MissCFO sets the standard for women in business. Our company exudes strength and power. We empower women to be leaders in any environment and follow the creed of LEARN.DO.TEACH.

Inspire Clarity

MissCFO holds itself to the highest standards. We strive to be a company based on authenticity. Our members are a part of our team and we focus on delivering on our promises and commitments to them.

Tiffaney Graham

Our Team:

Tiffaney Graham
Founder & CEO

Tiffaney Graham is the Founder and CEO of MissCFO. She is a serial entrepreneur, philanthropist and mentor, but her favorite role is being a Mom to her two boys. She is a proud Alumna of Spelman College and Atlanta resident. She began her career in the investment banking field, focusing on healthcare financing and financial institutions lending. Her love of finance really blossomed when she began teaching financial literacy to youth. Her entrepreneurial spirit led her to start her own business in 2012 where she provided online marketing services for start-up businesses, specializing in social media management. She is passionate about creating more financially savvy, well-versed women.

“I am like a diamond; I have developed over a long period of time through extreme circumstances and cleaned and polished by people who took the time to care for me. I still have not reached my fully clarity yet!”

Shauna Williams
Co-Founder & COO

Shauna Marie Williams is a native of Boston, MA where she was born and raised. She’s since made her home in Atlanta, GA after completing both her collegiate and graduate studies. Her career experience includes corporate leadership, within a direct marketing organization, as well as early intervention inclusion therapy. With a heart for community and philanthropy, she spends her spare time as a mentor and volunteer and non-profit board member. Her dedicated passion for service toward others and her genuine love for business and entrepreneurship has sparked an exciting, new beginning. Now, as a financial advisor & coach, Shauna Marie is on a undeterred quest to promote financial independence and the preservation of generational wealth to both individuals and families.