A Man is Not a Financial Plan


To quote one of my favorite Tyler Perry movies,

That’s how women get messed up! Too busy out shopping, when you need to be checking the deed!


Ladies! It’s time to WAKE UP! It’s not 1940 anymore, we can vote, work, lead companies all while taking care of ourselves and our babies.

For some reason, some of you are choosing to still be dependent on others. Don’t get me wrong, this does not apply to the women who have to be dependent on a man due to health reasons or other reasons that are outside of their control.


Sorry stay at home Moms, you aren’t exempt from this either. Don’t tell me that you don’t know someone personally or haven’t heard of the

story of the stay at home wife who has been home for years and her husband leaves her for the secretary, leaving her broke and barely able to pay the mortgage!

man is not a financial plan

There are plenty of ways that you can earn your own money while you’re at home with the little ones. Need some ideas? Check out this great article from Penny Hoarder.

This is not a post about not trusting in men or feeling like we as women have to be independent all of the time, because really who

doesn’t want to be taken care of?! This post is about the women who make a plan to walk down the aisle so they can walk away from their financial responsibilities.

It’s amazing if you have a man that can take care of your entire family without any worry, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do your

part when it comes to the family finances. Even if he is the sole breadwinner, then you should be the CFO (hint hint clue clue MissCFO!) of the household making sure

that the finances are in order. Most importantly, you should still have an income stream for income protection. In the worse case scenario, that you catch a case of Waiting to Exhale!


Our friends are The Wealth Design Team, shared a great, witty article on the “Beyonce Factor”. where she digs into why depending on a man to be financially secure is not the move anymore!


When I hear women say, “I’ll just marry someone rich,” it’s like nails going down a chalkboard. It gets right under my skin. Women are

giving up their power just to get out of a financial jam. It’s a very long-term solution to a short-term problem. It seems to me that these

women want someone else to rescue them and put them in a stronger financial position. They want to be able to put their feet up and

rely on someone else’s hard work. Only an indolent woman is impressed by a man with money.


I know people who have married men for the lifestyle that they thought they wanted and they are miserable. When money is the

foundation for the relationship, it doesn’t take long for resentment about other issues to creep in. These women now feel trapped. They

have to keep the relationship going because it is their financial lifeline. They can’t be themselves. They have no power to stand up for

themselves or walk out of the bad relationship. Dr. Phil says: “If you marry someone for their money you are probably going to pay for it.”


I would rather make my own fortune than marry a man for money. Continue reading HERE.


MissCFO Discussion: Who do you depend on? Yourself or someone else? If you are choosing a man as a financial plan, why did you choose that route? Let’s dig into this!

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