5 Ways Women Can Earn More Money


Let’s face it Ladies, we don’t always have a good grasp on our expenses. We like to shop, brunch with girlfriends and stay in the salon which can often lead to financial mismanagement. However, for a lot of us, our money problems stem from the lack of income!

In the words of of the great Jim Rohn:

You have more month, than money!

Like I always say, I’d rather focusing on adding than subtracting. In this video, finance expert Patrice Washington shares 5 ways that women can earn more money now.

  1. Face your fears
  2. Rock your gifts
  3. Establish your value
  4. Negotiate like a ninja
  5. Maximize your money maker

Sounds easy enough right?! Don’t wait, implement these tips and get your money up now!

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For more on Patrice Washington, head over to http://patricewashington.com.

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