5 Profitable Things Rob Kardashian Could Have Done With $16K A Month


Cause everybody know it ain’t trickin’ if you got it – T.I

Trickin’ ain’t easy- Unknown

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For my folks who missed the internet savagery that occurred yesterday from the Black Rob (Black Chyna & Rob Kardashian) love debacle, you missed one Chatty Patty, Petty Day! I am not going to get into all of the deets, but you can head over to The ShadeRoom to get the full recap. Let’s just say Rob went on a lover’s scorned rampage on his infamous girlfriend/baby mama/fiance Blac Chyna. He laid EVERYTHANG out on the table and everythang it was! You can check it out here.

While the coonery, was quite entertaining, being the MissCFO that I am I could not get over the crazy spending that Rob was doing on Blac Chyna. Now, I don’t know what Rob’s money looks like. Although he is a Kardashian, that does not equate to a Rockefeller, Buffet, Morgan, Walton or even Carter (Hey Jay & Bey).  nor have I ever seen him on the Forbes List so it’s safe he needs to continue watching his coins. Like my Daddy said on Judge Judy


Let’s dig this . . .

$250,000 on jewelry

$100,000 on plastic surgery

$273,000 Ferrari

$200,000 Lamborghini

$16,000 monthly rent

Robert, Robert Robert nearly a million dollars on excessive, depreciating assets, someone please send him Robert Kiyosaki’s CashFlow Quadrant stat!

What really stood out in the list of expenses was the $16,000 per month that Rob was paying for Blac Chyna’s rent on her Calabasas home. Now this isn’t a rent vs. own discussion, this is an opportunity cost discussion. When you become a wise spender you focus on how you can do the most with the money you have.

Here are 5 Things Rob Kardashian could have done with $16,000 A Month:

  1. Invest in a Real Estate Property – Flip some houses, flip a multi-family unit, flip a commercial property or invest in a developer’s project. If California is too rich for his blood, there are plenty of lower cost real-estate investments here in Atlanta.
  2. Hire a Life Coach – It is clear that Robert needs good counseling and at $16, 000 per month, I am sure he can get top of the line service. With the right guidance, Rob can be on the way to living his best soulful & financial life.
  3. Invest in Stocks – Like Dr. Boyce Watkins said here about building wealth, pick a few stocks and go.
  4. Become a Micro Lender – There are tons of small business owners out there who could use starter loans. Micro-lending focuses on smaller loans with lower interest rates. The average micro-loan is $13,000.
  5. Put the money into a high-interest bearing account for his daughter – Considering that Rob was a trust-fund kid, I hope that he already has a trust set up for Baby Dream. Even if he does, additional money never hurts. Go ahead and put that $16,000 in a 529 or CD.


At MissCFO, we refuse to let you trick off your good earned money! Let Robert Kardashian’s woes & Blac Chyna’s come up be a lesson for you. Use your money wisely, or someone or something will use it for you. It’s 2017, it’s time to stop all of the foolery. If you cannot find a partner on the same financial wavelength or at least the same money mindset as you then let them go!

In the words of my Daddy:


MissCFO Key Takeaway: If it don’t make dollars, it don’t make sense.


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